The Portuguese collective Rollana Beat is at IndieLisboa 2019 with 13 movies dave give life to its 13 new songs. Inês Oliveira, Gonçalo Duarte, Dedo Mau, Vasco Reis Ruivo, Xavier Almeida, Renata Sancho, Aya Koretzky, Ostraliana, Edgar Pêra, Bruno Borges, Luís Lázaro, Isabel Aboim Inglez e Leonor Noivo show the result, on screen, of being inspired by this Portuguese group's music. Manuel Correia da Silva, who is based in Macau, returns to Lisboa to share this journey through the festival with the group to which he also belongs. He is also responsible by the This Is My City festival, which started in Macau (China).

In the Portuguese capital, Rollana Beat assume what takes them to the festival: they're back with "more imaging, more sound, in a series of songs (I'd like do say music) offered to the plastic look of 13 artists so they can provide the light projection that we, readers-listeners, desired. Because the music of Rollana Beat's (André Ruivo – guitar and vocals; André Sentieiro – drums; Fernando Ascensão – double bass; Manuel Correia da Silva – vinyl player and sampler) always had that magic, close to a strategy, close to a aesthetic and landscape mission. Music combining visions, vertexes, heists and repetitions. Scenes and pauses. These are 13 films tacitly musical (maybe I should say videos) specially originating in two huge public dossiers (some might call them albums), uniting two lives: «Big Sneeze» (MetroDiscos, 2000) and «Murdering the Classics» (Bandcamp, 2014)”.

To know more about this series launching at IndieLisboa by Rollana Beat, check here:

This time, the Pearl River Delta city is represented twice. Besides Rollana Beat, Macau movies are also screened. The cinema cycle called "Macau Focus: 20 Years Later" takes place on May 4 from 5:00pm onwards (Culturgest). There are five shorts: Rabbit Meets Crocodile (by Sam Kin Hang), The Cricket Dynasty, by Chang Seng Pong, Sheep (Mak Kit Wai), G.D.P: Grandmas’ Dangerous Project (Peeko Wong) and Cat Security, an animation by Lou Ka Choi were the chosen ones. For further info, check the event's website:

There is still space on this full program for the Portuguese premiere of Ivo Ferreira's newest feature filme, Empire Hotel. Its screening happens at 9:30 (May 3, 2019) at Culturgest. For more info, check here: Entrance costs 4,50€ and tickets can be bought online.

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