This is My City – Intercity Creative Network (TIMC) has turned 10 and a cycle has closed. On its 11th edition, which will take place on December 15 and 16, the cultural festival is giving its first steps into integrating the Pearl River Delta in a creative network, promoting portuguese-speaking culture in the region and the region in the portuguese-speaking culture, says the co-founder and director, Manuel Correia da Silva.

The festival was created on 2006 by the cultural association +853 and has presented itself, over the last 10 years, as Macau's “creative festival”, promoting different cultural areas, such as architecture, music, design, cinema.

According to Manuel Correia da Silva, the festival has grown in different sectors, even the political one, “positioning itself as a cultural agent”. And, if it started out as being an event of the city, 10 years later, one realises the world has changed and that “Macau itself only makes sense as a part of the Delta [Pearl River]”. “We feel our city goes well beyond the borders,” says the director.
Thus, when it completed its 10th anniversary, TIMC has felt “the will” and “the need” to solidify the evolution it has been through over time, reshaping itself. And, as the city that has seen it grow, TIMC is also going along the trend of regional integration.

Now that the 11th edition is being prepared, Manuel Correia da Silva says TIMC has decided to bet on the promotion of the Portuguese-speaking culture in the region of the Pearl River Delta (and vice-versa), but assures it's the “most contemporary vision” of the term, “which does not necessarily mean the Portuguese language”. And will do so by resorting to the different cultural areas, giving special emphasis to music. “Music has a much more immediate impact in the citizens, of catharsis,” he mentions.
TIMC now adds Intercity Creative Network to its name to signal this change of paradigm. And goes from a festival to an event that aims at combining all the Delta cities in a big creative platform.

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