Outros Portos - Outros Olhares
Outros Portos – Outros Olhares took place in Maus Hábitos, Oporto. Curated by Clara Brito and Gu Zhenqing, the exhibition showcased the artworks of artists Margarida Gouveia, Mina Ao, Peng Yun, Xing Danwen and O Zhang.
Portuguese Artist Surma in Guangzhou Performing at Strawberry Festival
Music Festival
Portuguese artist Surma performed at Strawberry Music Festival in Guangzhou. She also recorded some new work with Chinese band, Wu Tiao Ren.
GEORGE FAN: Existence
Photo Exhibition
This Is My City was in Zhuhai Art Gallery to visit the Photo Exhibition of George Fan entitled Existence. An exhibition curated by Ivana Jovanovic.
Dark Times Festival
Label Festival
Established in 2010, Day's Eye Records is a local independent record label that focuses mainly on alternative music. Their first label festival celebrates artists from Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, also mark the release of Forget the G’s fourth album and Maenad and the Ravers’ debut album
Ear Hub: Hong Kong's "most interesting showcase festival"
Showcase Festival
Hong Kong
This Is My City was in Hong Kong for Ear Hub from June 5 to 8, 2019. The founders of the Macau-based festival, Manuel Silva and Clara Brito have some interesting things to say about it.
IndieLisboa - Rollana Beat & Macau Cinema
IndieLisboa 2019 showcases 13 films made by different artists to illustrate Rollana Beat's 13 new songs. There is also a cinema cycle about Macau, "Macau Focus: 20 Years Later". Ivo Ferreira's new feature, "Empire Hotel", also premieres in the festival. All this takes place on May 3 (7:15 pm and...

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