NAVY YARD 2 - Rua de S. Tiago da Barra




The goal of the series 'Os Resistentes', portraits of Macau, is to voice "those who resist to the passing of time". The mission of the series if to showcase and preserve Macau's identity and history, focusing on the old traditional shops in the region which are at the risk of disappearing. It was based on testimonies from older generations of a city in constante change and development. The first season was recorded in 2015, while the second took place in 2017. Since then, some of these shops have closed doors already and what it's left of them are just memories. “Os Resistentes” is a non-profit cultural project with the support of Casa de Portugal em Macau, Macao Foundation, Cultural Bureau and BNU. The soundtrack was created by the Macao Chinese Orchestra.

Free Entrance

Screening: The Resistants

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