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Instagram has a reputation among today’s various social media platforms for having maintained emphasis on the creativity and esthetic expression that were part of its founding values. Its runaway success may be attributable to the appeal of democratized artistic expression, with the power to make beautiful images placed in the hands of every citizen Instagrammer, allowing people across the world to share a bit of their esthetic vision with other members of a like-minded community.
The Instameet allows this community to come together in person, outside the virtual platform, and put a face to the online profile and the images they’ve enjoyed from another member. THIS IS MY CITY pioneered Instameets in Macau last year, and the Festival will build on that success with another Instameet this year, complete with a specially curated urban itinerary that will showcase Macau’s photogenic cityscape to the lenses of participating Instagrammers.

TIMC Instameet

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