Ear Hub: Hong Kong'
Showcase Festival
Hong Kong

Ear Hub is, for Manuel Silva, "the most interesting showcase festival" right now in Hong Kong. According to the co-founder of the Macau-based festival, This Is My City (TIMC), it brings bands mainly from the neighbouring region, China but also other Asian countries. This year, it was strong on Korean ones. Manuel Silva and Clara Brito, also a co-founder of TIMC, were at Ear Hub to get a taste of what Asia's been doing, showcase festival wise.

"It's a meeting place for the whole music industry from all Asian regions and which has influenced us a lot when it comes to curating a festival", Silva added. This event concentrated several events, including concerts. For the co-founder of the Macau festival, there were some great highlights: "The solo project, Merry Lamb Lamb gave a great performance on stage", he stated. it focuses on electronic music with a strong visual pairing and sounds. He also underlines the greatness of Stolen – another electronic collective. Wang Wen – who performed in TIMC 2018's edition – also hit the stage at Ear Hub, among other bands. "The after party was good, we were able to dance all night long with Jason Mayall, who made the dance floor go crazy", Clara Brito said, referring to the producer of Fuji Rock Festival.

This is the second time TIMC visits this Hong Kong event, this time with the presence of members of the festival and None Of Your Business Agency. Ear Hub takes places since 2018, in June. The festival has a duration of three days and it's now preparing for its 2020 edition.

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