A space for cultural intervention with an interdisciplinary character, offering areas and proper equipment and human resources to receive exhibitions, various shows, such as concerts, theatre, performing arts, space for rehearsals, training and artistic residencies, as well as there’s also room to enjoy a good meal, either vegetarian, portuguese typicals or marvellous pizzas.

The intersection of languages one can breathe at Maus Hábitos finds explanation in the fact that, in its origin were people with very different experiences and backgrounds, who felt the absence of a space to exercise freedom for creation and cultural fruition. Their intention to bridge this gap was turned into reality by starting a project that could fit them, and could also be at the service of others. In the area of contents and events production, after 13 years of work it is possible to form an idea of the place we occupy in the city of Porto, offering a space which is exceptional for presentations on the most diversified areas of cultural life, from visual arts to music, concerts and recitals, from theatre plays and performing arts, not closing the possibility for any show or style.

In a globalization era, where the free circulation of people and ideas is increasingly easier and increasing every day, we harvest and we offer the best side of this reality, which brings closer the discovery of similarity in difference, the exercise of free and tolerant coexistence between equal of the condition beyond circumstantial differences. Maus Hábitos is a space and a project promoting experimentation, free of judgmental and without institutionalization; a space of encounter between creators and audiences, between businessmen and creativity, between thinkers and agents. An open and free space, which arouses curiosity, which allows the error and the discovery, where you feel at home.

Maus Hábitos in the musical area is by far one of the most loved places in Porto, where many Portuguese Artists/Bands started and rehearsed in a common and free space, and where they still want to perform and present their work. Today and 13 years after its beginning, it’s still a place which resists mainstream criteria and struggles to be able to offer a good alternative programming, faithful to its origins but always foreseeing new valuable projects that arise, new emergent artists showing up and needing a place to turn their work visible in the artistic and cultural community we embrace.

Porto is the country’s second largest city and birthplace to leading personalities such as Sophia Mello Breyner (writer), Siza Vieira (Architect), Rosa Mota (runner), Manoel de Oliveira (film maker), Rui Veloso (singer) and King Henry the 1st.(monarch).

Maus Hábitos

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