Semana Internacional de Música de São Paulo (São Paulo Music Week) is one of the most important music conventions in Latin America.

During five days, the city becomes a meeting point for professionals from all sectors of the music industry, as well as artists and media from both Brazil and abroad.

The event focus on the new music market and puts in evidence new ideas and concepts, which are transforming the music scene. SIM connects people, introducing activities that follow three different lines: 1. The presentation of new music trends (SIM LIVE); 2. Access to up-to-date and relevant information (CONVENTION); and 3. Incentives to form new partnerships (Networking & Business).

SIM LIVE is a branch of the event dedicated to live music and it is presented in two different moments: daily showcases in Centro Cultural São Paulo and night parties and concerts, which will happen from 9pm on at many venues and clubs.

The CONVENTION covers lectures, speeches, keynotes, debates and workshops. More than 40 painels for a real knowledge/experience program, with participants from many different countries.

Networking & Business is the music convention’s business branch. At the PRO AREA (exclusive lounge for registered professionals), people will be able to hang around as participate in cocktails, closed and open meetings, speed-meetings, pitches, meet-ups and more, creating opportunities for partnerships in Brazil and abroad.


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